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Mitsubishi Electric CNC

In lathe and milling, everything depends on precision and speed. With the reliable control of Mitsubishi Electric and the coordinated components the course is set for success.




Milling features and multi-axis, multi-part system control features have been significantly improved. Progress has been made in operability, enabling operators to implement ever more complex machining in an easy and efficient manner.

Implement ever more complex machining in an easy and efficient manner

Milling features have been improved through high-speed high-accuracy control and SSS control. Multi-axis, multi-part system control features have also been upgraded. A wide array of these features help ensure high productivity. Significant progress has also been made in frequently used operation as well as programming, such as tool offset and workpiece coordinate system shift, which allows operators to easily implement ever more complex machining.

Improved milling features using a tool spindle

High-speed high-accuracy control features accumulated originally for machining centers are now available in lathe system. Fine milling can be implemented at high speeds on a lathe. This CNC enables a servo motor, instead of a spindle, to act as a tool spindle. Any of the servo control axes driven by multi-hybrid drive can be used as a tool spindle. This contributes to the downsizing of machine tools.

Multi-axis multi-part system control features help to reduce cycle time and maintain synchronization between part systems

M800/M80 Series provides “Spindle superimposition control, “a feature that enables simultaneous execution of turning and center tapping, although they needed to be executed individually. These features are effective in eliminating idle time, resulting in a significant reduction in tact time. This CNC also offers features that maintain synchronization between part systems, which is required for automatic lathes, in particular. These enable operators to implement ever more complex machining safely and securely.

Significantly easier programming

Programming has been made much easier: program edit screen shows the synchronization points between part systems in an easyto- understand display, and conversational programming allows insertion of canned cycles. After programming, operators can check the programs through 3D work simulation before actual cutting.




SSS control has further evolved, realizing high-speed, high-accuracy, high-quality machining. In addition, this CNC offers features that bring out the full potential of each axis and minimize non-cutting time, leading to higher productivity.

High-speed, high-accuracy, high-quality cutting through SSS-4G control

M800/M80 Series offers SSS 4th-generation (SSS-4G) control, enabling high-speed, high-accuracy, high-quality machining. SSS-4G control provides features that are effective in reducing tact time, including optimal acceleration/deceleration suited to each axis’ characteristics. In addition, SSS-4G is capable of reducing machine vibration during high-speed cutting. SSS-4G control allows for greater cutting accuracy in the same length of time, or shorter cutting time with the same degree of accuracy when compared to our previous models.

High productivity and high quality are our primary focus

CNC-dedicated CPU is incorporated in the M800/M80 Series, providing significantly improved short segment processing capability. The benefits are not limited to improvements in basic performance alone. The Tolerance Control function enables operators to achieve high-quality surfaces simply by specifying the desired dimensional accuracy. This feature takes machining to a whole new level.

M800/M80 Series brings out the full potential of machine tools

M800/M80 Series provides new features that can maximize the full potential of machine tools, including: Variable-acceleration pre-interpolation acceleration/deceleration provides optimized acceleration, with each axis’ characteristics fully exercised. For example, allowing a linear axis to accelerate irrespective of rotary axis responsiveness. “OMR-FF control” allows for optimal position loop gain adjustment suited to each axis, leading to smoother and more accurate cutting. Other than the above, this CNC has new functionality effective for higher productivity, including “Rapid traverse block override function” that helps reduce non-cutting time by overlapping feed blocks.

Necessary features are available on your machine. M80 Series includes SSS control and inclined surface machining features.

The SSS control function provides smoother surfaces at higher speeds and the inclined surface machining control function makes it possible to issue normal program commands to an arbitrary plane (inclined surface) in space. These and various other features are incorporated in the M80 Series.