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CNC-Solutions by Mitsubishi Electric

weisser shift

CNC lathe

Milling features and multi-axis, multi-part system control features have been significantly improved. Progress has been made in operability, enabling operators to implement ever more complex machining in an easy and efficient manner.

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weisser shift

CNC milling

SSS control has further evolved, realizing high-speed, high-accuracy, high-quality machining. In addition, this CNC offers features that bring out the full potential of each axis and minimize non-cutting time, leading to higher productivity.

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CNC-NEWS von Mitsubishi Electric

World of Mitsubishi Electric

As an innovative and sustainable office complex the new building brings together the company’s many divisions in spacious offices which include meeting spaces for collaboration and presentation.

But the real value added to the new building comes from the use of Mitsubishi Electric’s own innovative products and energy management technology which are used to operate the building with optimum efficiency. Customers and visitors can experience first-hand the benefits of fully integrated solutions.

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infinite possibilities

High productivity, usability and flexibility delivered by breakthrough performance. The next-generation CNC M800/M80 Series empowers the manufacturing industry with unlimited possibilities and the capability to create innovative value.

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