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Mitsubishi Electric

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A global player

Electronics today is an essential element of various areas of our lives. We’ve become so used to it that we’re inclined to take it for granted. Electronic components in fact control children’s toys, household appliances, office equipment, phones and cars, i.e. virtually everything that we unthinkingly use on a day-to-day basis.

Mitsubishi Electric contributes products for wide-ranging industrial applications and everyday activities. Aside from technical progress, we have set ourselves the goal of not losing sight of what is most important: People and the world we live in.

We aim to make responsible use of the resources of our planet, to improve living conditions and to display our social commitment wherever we do business. We are in fact present in 36 countries with sales offices, research and development centres, and production plants. And with its roughly 142,000-strong workforce, Mitsubishi Electric is the biggest of the 40 independent companies that bear the Mitsubishi name.

For over 40 years in Germany

Mitsubishi Electric has been present in Germany since 1978 as a wholly owned subsidiary. Today, Mitsubishi has its headquarters in Ratingen and runs regional offices all over Germany.

We are subdivided into central company- and product-related sales and services sectors and are represented throughout Germany with field offices for local customer service.

An intercultural approach and international business activities form the basis of our company that regards itself not as a rigid structure but as a living organism. In a spirit of holistic thought and action, each employee plays an important part and accepts responsibility for the duties entrusted to him or her.

Changes for the Better

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation's corporate statement, "Changes for the Better," communicates the Company's corporate stance.

"Changes for the Better," means "always seeking something better and making changes accordingly." It also expresses Mitsubishi Electric's commitment to enhancing the quality of life in our society and contributing to an even better tomorrow.

The word "changes" in the plural form suggests that there are as many "changes" as there are employees in the Company, and it signifies its aim of making changes in each and every area of our wide range of businesses, products and services.

The word "better" signifies the corporate stance of Mitsubishi Electric in its pursuit of continued improvement in all its operations.

"Change is progress. Continuous change is the wellspring of new value."
– Takeshi Sugiyama, President and CEO Mitsubishi Electric

Amid constant advances in networked information systems and market globalization trends, social and economic environments around the world are experiencing rapid change. In this volatile climate, I remain confident that Mitsubishi Electric will continue its legacy of shaping the future as we pursue innovative change from a unique global perspective.

In business, as in life, we are continually confronted with new challenges: How will our operating environment evolve? What new demands will the next era bring? Against this backdrop we must carefully examine our role, our objectives, and the value we bring to society and our customers. Always anticipating change, Mitsubishi Electric confronts each challenge with steadfast determination.

My goal in leading a corporate group with a strong corporate identity is to ensure that Mitsubishi Electric generates consistent value in order to bolster the company's global presence.

To achieve this, originality in the systems, products and services we supply is essential, and technology will play a crucial role. Focusing on technology, a fundamental driver of manufacturing industries, we will strengthen our technical capabilities and generate sustainable growth.

The Mitsubishi Electric Group's corporate statement is, "Changes for the Better." This statement expresses our commitment to continuously adapt and evolve in the unwavering pursuit of excellence, and represents the raison d'etre for each and every employee.

I believe that for the Mitsubishi Electric Group to evolve, each individual must possess the strength and will to change. With this assured, we can look forward to a bright and prosperous tomorrow."

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